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With decades of combined experience in the global supply chain development of multi substrate powder coating, our team of expert partners are here to help you quickly source the right powder coated products of today and tomorrow's technology.

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Our focus is your value we represent for highest quality in Performance and Green Technology.

Our focus is representing all of our value for highest quality in Performance and Green Technology. Separate yourself and your product from yesterday's me-to; renew with the new technology.



We believe that today's business is about developing the total supply chain relationship, from the Idea Creator through the Solution Provider to the end Consumer.  

Our relationships matter because our products matter!

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Partnering with Powder Technology

Graper Enterprises knows the value proposition and has specifically teamed up with these Industry Experts to help you, "Grasp the Power of Powder"



Climate Surfaces - "The Clean Finish"

At the core of Climate is advanced powder coating technology for non-metal materials, such as structural wood panels, plywood sheathing, gypsum board and MDF. Technology specified in Australia and New Zealand by Architects, Designers and installed by Builders with confidence since 2001.

ThaiGreen Wood Products Limited - "Sustainable Green Forestry"

"Think Green, Think Leeds", from the plantations to your finished home or building. "Take a Stand", utilize plywood and wood products from a fully sustainable green forestry of Thailand.

Ekoltech - "Eco Friendly Furniture"

Advancing the latest in wood powder coating finishes on furniture and components. Where moisture environments are tackled by latest coating technology.

Nu-Wall Cladding- "Sustainable Urban Living"

"Architecturally inspired, performance proven" powder coated exterior aluminium cladding. Your choice for long-term durability and assured weather tightness, combined with unequalled creative freedom.

Nu Company - Acabados Verona - "The Freedom of Design"

The freedom of design with powder coating, decorative printing, and sublimation technologies on wood, glass and metals. We support your creativity!

Stentiford Safety Services

Attack your construction job site safety risk with the revolutionary Sten-Step. The offset on an extension ladder is a point of a safety concern. Make that offset virtually unnoticeable with this proprietary patented job site safety device.

Partnering with Job Site Safety

Stentiford Safety Services lives safety daily on the job site. Professionals in construction; passionate in the safety tools of the trade!

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